Join The Smiles First Wins Community!

The Idea: Sell A T-Shirt inviting people to smile at each other!

The Mission: Spread Smiles, Create Connection, BE A WINNER!

The Movement: It's time to take happiness into our own hands. It's time to declare you are friendly and connection in compassion. With so much out of our control, no one can control your smile. Your smile is all you! You get to choose to share it, too. It's time to celebrate our similarities! Look people in the eyes. Your eyes smile, too! A smile shifts energy. A smile invites kindness. A smile says: I SEE YOU. A smile says, thank you. It's time to get back to basics: sharing a smile. 

Say Yes To The Smile Challenge! Gift a shirt to a friend, a child, a co-worker, your favorite barista or hairdresser. Surprise a stranger, thank a teacher.  Invite the people who matter to you to know their smiles matter, too. Together, our smiles shine LOVE IN THE WORLD!
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  5. Tell us where you live and what makes you smile!
What's the best 6 Foot way to connect? SMILE! Mask or no mask, whatever your race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation - your smile shines! Whether you wear red, white or blue, everyone has the same freedom to choose to be friendly and swap a smile. Let's share our similarities and celebrate our differences. 
Ever wonder why someone is smiling?
Smiles are stories.
And our stories, connect us all.
Every Smile is Unique! Some are crooked. Some are pearly white. Some are missing teeth. Some have braces, some have stains. 
Smiles are Stories. And, our stories are meant to be shared. Every smile is represents what makes YOU SPECIAL.
Your smiles is your most valuable accessory.
Your smile is priceless.
Your smile goes with everything! 
Sending you all a HUGE SMILE!